BrainScope® One Head Injury Assessment

Head injuries are nothing to be taken lightly. From the initial assessment to the proper treatment and aftercare, finding the right course of action can be tricky.

That’s why Five Star Urgent Care is proud to offer a new option for head injury assessment – BrainScope® One. Available at our Greece and Liverpool locations, BrainScope One can quickly and accurately diagnose non-life-threatening head injuries using a painless, non-invasive device.

To learn more about the differences between BrainScope One at Five Star Urgent Care and visiting an ER, click the image below for a detailed breakdown.

From the stray fly ball at softball practice to the handstand in yoga that didn’t go as planned, Five Star Urgent Care is here to help save the day. Patients ages 16-60 in the Syracuse and Rochester area can walk in today for a BrainScope One head injury assessment – with no appointment necessary and most insurance accepted.