Our Occupational Medicine Services

At Five Star Urgent Care, we want to help provide a healthy, safe environment for local companies and their employees. With our extensive medical knowledge, we can help create a routine program to make your HR responsibilities easier.

From pre-placement physicals, EKGs and respiratory fit tests, Five Star Urgent Care will cater to all of your organizational requirements. As an ER alternative, all of our walk-in facilities can perform these services on-site or at your employment location. In addition to drug and alcohol breathalyzer tests, Five Star is also capable of performing DOT and 19A Commercial Driver certifications right in our centers.

Organizations do not need a services agreement in place prior to obtaining occupational medicine services for employees. We do encourage companies to establish service agreements with us as they help to delineate what services your employees need, as well as streamline communication for billing and reporting. With a service agreement in place, Five Star Occ Med can provide follow-up care for Workers’ Compensation cases.

For walk-in Five Star Occ Med patients whose employer does not have a service agreement, payment is required at the time of service.

Please contact Timothy.Birklin@FiveStarUC.com to discuss your Five Star Occ Med needs.

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